New Moon in Libra/Venus Retrograde: Holy Chaos

The annual New Moon in Libra is associated with a re-evaluation and re-negotiating of our relationships. This New Moon doubles down on that theme because it coincides with Venus turning retrograde in Scorpio.

Jupiter's transit of Scorpio has led to the explosion of the sexual secrets of people in power, including our mayor also had to make a very embarrassing public confession which led to her meteoric and spectacular downfall. Jupiter in Scorpio has caused us as a society to re-evaluate the power dynamics of sexual relationships. It's Jupiter's nature to expand and elevate whatever it touches. Jupiter wants to bless us but cannot do that when we are holding on to our mess. So in this case, Jupiter's blessing has been to bring our excesses to the boiling point and force us to deal with them.

This is where Venus enters. Venus in Scorpio at this time represents generations upon generations of traumatized women. Women whose bodies have been commodified in a million different ways. Women who have only been seen as adjuncts and servants to men. This is the essence of patriarchy. Over the past year, we have been forced to look at how little has changed.

However, Venus in Scorpio is a survivor. She represents how women have managed to find ways to subvert the systems that have been put in place to kill our spirits. She will move back through Scorpio and back into Libra, her home, where she will replenish herself and renew her vision of equality in relationships, before heading back into the depths of Scorpio again.

Throughout, she will remain opposed to Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is Venus' other home. That's her comfortable cozy spot. However, she is helpless on the other side of the Zodiac while crazy Uranus is moving in until 2026. Uranus is unpredictable and irreverent. Taurus represents our values, our traditions, the things that keep us comfortable and stable. Uranus' transit through is going to upend all of that. When Venus makes her way back to Taurus next May, she won't recognize the place. Right now, part of her angst is that she is powerless to stop Uranus from destroying everything that makes her life comfortable and stable.

As she turns within, she has no choice but to face her demons. As she faces them, she has options. She can try to control them through manipulation and psychological games or she can sit down with them, learn who they are and what motivates them, and totally disarm them.

To add yet another wrinkle to this mix of energies, Venus is in active conflict with her male counterpart, Mars who is in Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius represents men who are struggling to redefine themselves. The basic struggle between Venus in Scorpio right now and Mars in Aquarius is men coming to terms with how patriarchy has diminished their ability to fully and freely be themselves.

Mars in Aquarius can no longer deny how much Venus has been hurt. Her pain is obvious and he has to deal with it. He too is locked in a struggle with Uranus in Taurus. He can no longer be comfortable with those old patriarchal values himself. He longs to be free of the past but he cannot be free until he fully recognizes the extent of the damage that has been done.

The answer for Mars is to tap into the promise of this New Moon. The harmonious union of the Sun and the Moon in Libra demonstrates relationship goals for conflicted Venus and Mars. Mars is in the perfect position right now to visualize a new kind of masculinity built on equality and reciprocity.

Right now, it's easy to look around and feel as if everything is going to hell in a handbasket. But there is hope in this New Moon. The chaos around us is simply part of the creation of something new. Whether that something new is something better is up to us.


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