HOLY HERETIC: Sunday Meditation 10/7/2018

I've started writing weekly meditations for the "Holy Heretic" zine. Hope you enjoy and find some inspiration and hope. Thanks!

HOLY HERETIC October 7, 2018 – Holy Chaos

“’A scarcity of money is when we search for money;
A scarcity of water is when we wait at the spring;
A scarcity of food is what we call famine’
Cast for Something Scarce
Who was the child of the king of Oyo Ajori” – Holy Odu Owonrin

Today’s transit: Mars in Aquarius square the opposition of Venus in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus

What is it that prompts change? What causes us to look at the traditions which were instilled in us through our parents, our teachers, our lineage and admit those traditions no longer work?

Usually it’s a crisis. It happens when we do everything we think we’re supposed to do but things fall apart anyway. This is what forces us to search elsewhere for what we need.

We’re living in a time when the old paradigms are falling apart before our eyes. It’s time for us to start asking new questions and seeking new answers in completely new places. We have to give ourselves permission to break the rules.

It’s okay. Our ancestors have had to do this before. They want us to improve and be better than they were. They will support us.

Knowing that we have their support, we can embrace chaos. We can dive deep into uncertainty and confusion. We can throw caution to the winds.

Today’s Question: What can I do today to embrace change? What can I do to move out of my comfort zone?


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