Full Moon in Taurus: Uncontrolled Breakthroughs

E duro e ki Eshu                                              Stop and greet Eshu!
Eni duro ki Eshu                                             One who stops and greets Eshu
Eshu ni yo o tun tiwon she                              Eshu will look out for their goodness.
E duro e ki Eshu                                              Stop and greet Eshu!

Eshu has no respect for protocol. If something needs to be done, Eshu is about getting it done. He doesn't care about rank. He has no respect for titles. He doesn't care who you are or who you think you are. Prepare to be totally humiliated if you are in the way. Eshu only cares about who has done the work or is doing the work. Eshu only cares about character.

Such was the unpredictable, uncontrolled nature of the Full Moon this past week. Everything we hold sacred is being upended if it is no longer useful. And there are a whole buncha things we are still holding onto even after the lunations of the past few months.

Well, Eshu has had enough of that. It's time to get real. Yeah, people have hurt us in the past. Get over it. We have no idea who we are or where we're going. Sorry. We have to get moving anyway. Eshu is saying, "Get your ass in gear, get your shit together, and get the fuck up. It's just that simple."

We've had plenty of time to contemplate and we have contemplated ourselves into confusion. As an accomplished overthinker, I'm well familiar with that state of confusion when you can see all the possibilities (or think you can see them) and become paralyzed. Eshu is breaking through that paralysis.

Over the past few days, Eshu has taken control. Chaos reigns. However, as harsh as Eshu can be, he's not evil. He's actually quite fun. Because if nothing else, the past few days have been interesting. Eshu plays hardball. He plays for keeps and he always wins.

The best thing to do is to get over ourselves and laugh at his jokes. Appreciate how silly we've been and let him beguile us into doing better. Our lives will be a lot more fun, interesting, and sexier.

So here we are standing in the crossroads. What an interesting time to be.
Eshu at the Crossroads (Hank Willis Thomas, 2016)


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