New Moon in Pisces: Free Your Soul

We're about two weeks into this surreal, otherworldly Mercury retrograde cycle. On the surface, everything looks and feels normal but the line between the dream world and the material world is thin. We're going about our regular business but there's something in the back our minds, a gentle nagging, which makes us question whether this is a dream. Did we wake up or are we still sleeping?

For example, during a conversation with someone, they suddenly start levitating and it doesn't seem weird, at least not initially. It's something that people do, isn't it? Why wouldn't they levitate? They're acting like its something normal. Why are we questioning an obvious reality that is right in front of our eyes? Haven't people always been able to levitate at will? We get confused trying to remember a time when they didn't.

So we stop wracking our brains and just go with the flow. Maybe it isn't quite right. A world where people can just take off and fly whenever they get a notion to is a wonderful world to live in. Why worry about whether it's real or not when it's just so lovely? Besides the reality of gravity will eventually, and quite rudely, reassert itself.

Can we just have this moment? Please? Just a few moments of quietness, peace and beauty before the pandemonium of reality resumes? Before we have to wake up and face the cruel realities of life?

Being able to lose ourselves in our dream worlds is a vital and necessary coping mechanism. In our way too rational society, our fear is that if we surrender and release our hold on reality, even just a little, we won't be able to come back. That the beauty of our dreams will take us captive and morph into a living nightmare. And yes, that is possible and it does happen. But denying the reality and power of altered states of consciousness closes off our connection to our deepest selves.

When we never travel and explore our dream worlds and never get acquainted with its rules and customs (yes, there are rules and customs there), we lose our ability to effectively navigate and change the reality of our material waking world. Change begins in our dreams and our imaginations. We can never really understand or fully use our rational minds if we never explore our irrational minds.

This New Moon is inviting us to free our souls from the chains of a too rational reality. To stop fighting and surrender to the implausible and the impossible. To accept that it just is because it is and that no further explanation is needed. No sense has to be made of it. It just is.


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