Full Moon in Leo: Masks Off

All hail the resplendent Snow Moon! Queen of the late winter sky! The bringer of light and beauty at the darkest hour!

I saw Her first yesterday in the late afternoon. The Sun was low but still had quite a ways to go before setting. She was so big (this is a supermoon), sitting low on the horizon, in full daylight. Carrying all the Leo energy, She was bold and bodacious. She started off as a distinct, bright silhouette and slowly and dramatically grew brighter as the sky grew darker. This is the time during Her constant dance with the Sun when She decides to take His light and do something with it. Make it Her own. Mix it up. Make us all rethink everything we thought we knew about sunlight.

When the Moon shows up and shows out like this, we then think we know everything there is to know about Her. We saw Her in Her fullness. She transparently gave us Her all. What more could She possibly do? Yep. The mystery of the Moon has now been solved. Nothing more to see here.

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. The reason the Moon can take Her mask off and be open and vulnerable is because She has nothing to hide. Of course. That's obvious. But the more basic reason is because She is so strong and so sure of Her ability to handle any situation that She can be open and vulnerable. No one is big enough or bad enough to be in a position to exploit Her weaknesses and use them against Her. She will quickly show them Her other side. And no one wants to see the dark side of the Moon.

This Full Moon, we explore the freedom that is to be found by taking our masks off. No more hiding. Only shining. Big. Bright. Unlimited.


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