New Moon in Sagittarius: The Savior is Born

Do you see what I see? The days are short and seemingly over before they get started good. The nights are long and cold, preceded by spectacularly colorful sunsets and extended twilights where everything has a pinkish glow. When it's a clear, New Moon night, the stars pop and twinkle. It's the dark, magical time of year when fall morphs into winter.

Do you hear what I hear? There's nothing as profound as the silence of a deep winter night. Especially when there's snow on the ground. 

Do you feel what I feel? During the Cold Moon in December, especially when it falls close to the Solstice, as the current Moon does, the stars can seem close and personal while simultaneously feeling remote and removed. However, in the midst of those long dark nights, it's possible to feel the turn.

This New Moon brings the turn into focus. The turn when you know something has shifted even when everything around you looks the same. This day, 12/25, has come to be associated with the Christian story of Christ's birth in humble anonymity as his parents sought to comply with the outrageous dictates of an oppressive regime. We know that the Christ story isn't the only birth/death/resurrection story, it's not even the first. However, it is the most well known and it's the one associated with today in particular.

This New Moon is that moment of birth. That moment when all of our hopes and dreams culminate into manifestation. Our dreams are like newborn babies at this point. Totally dependent upon us to believe in them, nurture them, protect them, care for them. Being babies they're cute but don't look like much. They look like every other baby. It is our belief in them, our faith in what they can do, our knowledge and memory of all the effort that was expended and ultimately resulted in their creation which will cause them to mature into their full potential. This is how we change the circumstances of our lives and create our own reality.

At this moment, in this time of deep darkness, the realization that we, and only we, have the power to change our circumstances has been born. Over the next few months, in the cold, harsh darkness of winter, that realization will catch and grow, gradually, like the Sun, until one day, we can actually see that the days have gotten longer. We can see that what we've been doing is having the impact that we want it to have.

Before that happens, though, we have the fullness of winter before us.  We will feel all of the deprivation and lack that winter represents with only our faith and hope and belief in ourselves to sustain us.

We are our own saviors.

Happy Holy Days everybody!


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