Full Moon in Gemini: The Good Fight

Tonight, I went outside and looked at the Moon in all her Gemini glory. I noticed a bright red dot next to her and wondered what that meant. Thanks to the wonders of technology, I pulled out my phone with star map app on it and discovered this was the fixed star, Aldebaran. As the Moon is moving into its opposition with the Sun (which is what a Full Moon is), she is hooking up with Aldebaran first and opposing Aldebaran's eternal nemesis, the fixed star Antares.

Aldebaran and Antares are huge red stars with huge red attitudes. They are two of the ancient Royal Stars, the Watchers of the Heavens. Under their influence, the Moon approaches her monthly opposition to the Sun in full defensive mode. She's not in the mood for any shit whatsoever. With relentless Gemini logic, she's ready to argue all sides of the argument simultaneously.

Truth is, she has no idea where she stands on any issue right now. She feels disconnected and unsure. But she's not without hope. She knows she is powerful. She has used her intellectual skills to win people over in the past. She knows she can do that again. However, so much has changed over the past few weeks, she no longer knows who she can count on.

At this point, she would do well to tap into Aldebaran's deep well of wisdom. She cannot be everywhere at once and some things cannot be understood, or explained, by rational means. Every battle does not need to be fought. Sometimes a retreat is the smart strategic move.

The energy of Aldebaran, underneath it all, is the energy of life asserting itself. It's the energy of fertility and growth. It is the energy of illumination and divine connection.

During this Full Moon, we can either continue to engage in endless battles against imaginary enemies or we can assess and determine what is really important to us. It may be necessary to fight like hell to protect those values or maintain those relationships but those would be battles worth fighting.

Let's fight well and with integrity.


  1. So excited about your class! Ill be signing up asap! Shana


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