New Moon in Pisces: Pure Soul Energy

This past Sunday, I got out of my car and was walking into Publix when suddenly I was aware that I was in my Body. That I was the sole inhabitant of my Body. It was not a feeling of dissociation but rather an awareness of the complete merger of my Spirit and my Body and a knowing of the limitations that come with being ensouled in a body. It's hard to explain. Not the first time I've felt that feeling but I haven't felt it in a long time. It's not a bad feeling, simply an awareness of what is. Over the past few days, and leading up to this New Moon, at times I find myself looking at my fingers through my eyes. Feeling my stomach digest food. Aware of my feet inside my shoes. In other words, aware of who I am and what I am and everything that means.

Strangely enough, this awareness and knowing that my physical point of view is limited due to the limitations of my physical body allows me to broaden my horizons. Being aware of limitations is the first step to transcending those limitations. Even though my Spirit is manifesting through my Body, my Body isn't a trap for my Spirit. I have experiences through this Body that I don't have when I'm in my pure Spirit state. I have always thoroughly enjoyed living in my Body.

I feel like this is the energy of this New Moon. It's an encounter with pure Pisces energy due to its intimate closeness to Neptune at home in his own sign. Neptune/Pisces energy is the gateway between the Spiritual World and the Material World. That gateway is wide open right now.

It coincides with Mercury turning retrograde in Pisces which means that our logical, rational minds will not be operating at full power for the next three weeks. This gives us a rare opportunity to learn a different way of being. We have our natural predispositions toward certain ways of thinking about life which become the habits and routines we build our lives on. However, our ways of thinking and being as individuals and as cultures are not the only way to approach reality. We all rationally know this but we can't really see it. This is the basis of many arguments and wars. People interpret reality in different ways and then fight about it. Because rationally we cannot make sense of where the other is coming from.

If we are open to it, the next three weeks could be analogous to standing in the middle of a crossroads and seeing, maybe for the first time, all the many roads which could be taken from that point. There's a reason why we usually close ourselves off from knowing that. That knowledge can be truly overwhelming. The multiplicity of choices!!! (This is why Pisces folks can be so damn indecisive and flighty. They live with this reality all the time.) But this is an opportunity to gain deeper understanding of others who see reality in a completely different way. It's also a wonderful opportunity to discard ways of thinking and being in reality that no longer work for you.

This Mercury retrograde period may involve more misunderstandings and disagreements than usual even for a Mercury retrograde. The key to making the most of any encounter with Neptune/Pisces is to surrender to it. Don't fight. When we feel like we're drowning, we only need to relax and trust. The current will carry us where we need to go.


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