I've taken a break from writing this month but Susan McBride did not let me completely off the hook. Here we are talking about Rewilding Religion - The Egun Edition

03 19 2019 – Rev. Susan Hudson McBride – Rewilding Religion
Theeda Murphy literally went the miles it took to locate her spiritual roots. Her beginnings in a fundamentalist church denied her any role as a woman other than to be submissive. That did not work for her. In our conversation she speaks to the steps she took to reach the place where the ancestors began to guide her. Hers is a picture of surrender to ancestral wisdom and what can come of letting control go, thus allowing ancient messages to come through.
Bio: Theeda Murphy is an activist, counselor, and dreamer. She was born in Chicago in the Sixties, the child of a social worker. Her earliest memories are of rallies, marches, and community advocacy. She is a proud product of Oakwood University and Fisk University, both Historically Black Universities. Her experiences working as a crisis counselor in community mental health has given her a deep understanding of the mental health delivery system and the unsung heroes who are dedicated to helping the most vulnerable in our society.
Today’s action: Look closely at your religious belief and practice. Study it. Is it really what speaks to you at your core?
Today’s sharing: What does it mean for a person to spend a lifetime worshipping a Being that is virtually an unknown to them? Have you had that experience? Did you change it and, of so, how? Share in the comments.
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