HOLY HERETIC - October 28, 2018: How I Got Over

HOLY HERETIC October 28, 2018 – How I Got Over

“The refusal of a refuser is the acceptance of an accepter” – Holy Odu Owonrin

Today’s featured transit: Venus in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

I didn’t ask for this life. This is the life I was given.

I didn’t ask for this work. This is the work that was here when I got here.

I didn’t ask for these burdens. They were placed on my back without my permission.

I live this life to the best of my ability. And in return, I experience a deep and satisfying joy.

I do my work as diligently as I can. And in return, I receive more abundance than I thought was possible.

I take on my burdens without complaint. And in return, help and assistance miraculously appears.

Today’s action: Reconsider the circumstances in your life which you feel are unfair and which you feel you are helpless to change. Perhaps you have more agency in those situations and with those people than you think you do.

Today’s sharing: How can I find hope in the midst of despair? How can I turn a situation that appears to be disadvantageous and work it to my advantage?

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