HOLY HERETIC - October 21, 2018:

HOLY HERETIC October 21, 2018 – Beautiful Survival

“It is the one who has wisdom who can cast Ifa in the forest.
It is the one who has knowledge that can joke in the grassland.” – Holy Odu Owonrin

Today’s featured transit: Venus in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus

“We are the children of raped mothers.” This idea does not originate with me but when I first encountered this statement, it resonated. It resonated with my memory of my first encounter with the Ancestral Mothers at El Mina Castle in Ghana. I stood in the holding cell where the captured women were held and felt (and smelled) the evil of that place. But at the same time, I felt the Unconditional Love of The Mothers. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. I was their Dream incarnate.

Because they had been able to look into the innocent little faces of the children they were forced to bear by men who saw them as animals, those children that were too often snatched from their arms and see me. They looked into those beautiful eyes and saw a future in which I exist. These women did what they needed to do to ensure we all survived and they instilled that survival instinct in us.
But they did more than that. They gave us the will to thrive. To flourish. To bloom even in the most dire and dangerous conditions.

For this I am grateful. For this, it is my duty to be the best me I can be no matter what my circumstances.

Today’s action: Take some time to be still today and thank The Mothers for their love and care.

Today’s sharing: What can I do today to share the Love of The Mothers with others? How can I live my life in alignment with that Love?

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