New Moon in Gemini: The Zero Point

This New Moon in Gemini, I have, once again, drawn The Fool card. I think The Fool card is an auspicious card to draw during a New Moon because it's all about starting anew with enthusiasm.

But this New Moon finds us feeling anything but enthusiastic. The restless energy of Gemini has our brains anxiously working overtime. We can see what we want. It's right there. Just out of reach. And we have a million ideas of how to get there. But, dang it, everything we think of, every idea we come up with, involves a huge catch. We would have to give up everything we have worked so hard for. Even with all that Gemini brainpower, we're just not able to figure out how to hold on to what we have while moving forward to the next level. Last Full Moon, we celebrated a productive ending and the solid foundation we had created for whatever we wanted to do next. Now it seems we're being required to let that foundation go.

The question of this New Moon is: How can we get what we need to move forward without losing what we have?

We spend most of our thinking energy trying to find meaning in our experiences through rational analysis and focus on outcomes. This kind of thinking has its place. It creates order and stability. Societies are built and maintained due to rational problem solving. The power of the intellect is an awesome and beautiful thing. A person who is unable to focus and logically understand causes and effects is severely hampered in daily functioning. They just can't do it. However, intellectual reasoning does have limitations.

This is where the energy of The Fool comes in. The Fool resonates with the paradox of the number Zero. Zero represents Everything and Nothing. Because of the concept of Zero, we are able to think expansively about infinite possibilities. Gemini energy is able to comfortably entertain all kinds of contradictions and enigmas and accept that they are all valid and true.

The answer right now "Yes". Yes to all the infinite possibilities which we see and feel around us. Yes, all those possibilities are right and valid. Yes they contradict everything we have learned up to this point. Yes we can move forward and not lose everything we've gained.

How can that be? The answer is "Yes". With our eyes wide open, we put one foot in front of the other and see where we end up.


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