Full Moon in Capricorn: Losing Your Shit

I'm sitting writing this post during a raging pop-up summer thunderstorm. There's also a raven cawing right outside my window. The energies of this Full Moon are unsettling. They've been building up over time, seething under the surface. The center is no longer holding and the breakthrough is volatile and violent.

Over the past few weeks, Uranus has been settling into his Taurean groove while Mars turns backward in Aquarius. We have seen asylum seekers, who traditionally have come to our borders seeking safety, suddenly and without warning, have their children taken from them. The subsequent displays of cold, calculating, callousness from the authorities and the swiftness with which the vultures of human misery scooped in to start making profit was breathtakingly unbelievable. Yet another innocent child was murdered, sacrificed on the altar of public safety, and the circular cries for justice, which inevitably go unanswered, began. The past few days have seen our highest court of "justice" uphold the evisceration of the Voting Rights Act and travel regulations which they insist is not a ban on immigrants from Muslim countries (but really is), and gut what little rights public workers have to advocate for themselves. Then to cap it all off, the Justice who was the swing vote which kept the Court from being a total rubber stamp for right-wing madness suddenly announces his resignation. It's a sure bet that his replacement will be the most radical right-wing activist judge that ever wrote an opinion.

All of this could leave a lot of us wondering what we're coming to. What's happening to our sense of shared values? The social contract that is supposed to provide a common ground where we can meet and have a sense of community? This is why there are a lot of people waxing nostalgic about a mythical time when we were able to speak civilly with each other and resolve our differences in a civilized way. Of course, there never was such a time in our history. Pretending that there was only exacerbates our current issues.

The energy of Uranus in Taurus disrupts your comfortable sense of being at home, especially if that comfort derives from a lazy, deluded complacency. Retrograde Mars in Aquarius requires that we go back and examine the ways in which we have given up our personal power to get along. We can no longer lie about who we are just so that we can be socially acceptable. Why? Because Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is forcing us to face up to the consequences of our decisions. Its proximity to the Full Moon is forcing us to put aside our emotions and clearly see our denials and evasions.

For many of us, our initial reactions will be based in the fear of losing everything we've worked so hard for. The asteroid Juno which is in the last degrees of Aries right now is whispering her fears and insecurities about losing her position into Uranus' ears and using a potent mixture of apprehension, guilt, and xenophobia to stir up his insecurities. Only he can hear her, therefore, his actions appear erratic and illogical to everyone else. When Uranus' angst is stirred, he is quite dangerous. He will do anything to break free of what he feels is holding him back.

How do we handle all of this explosive energy? The first step is for us to come clean. Admit that we have allowed our fears of being ostracized, exiled, or ridiculed to lead us to succumb to the pressure of conforming to ideals and values which are in direct conflict with who we really are. We have lost our personal integrity trying to be acceptable.

In coming clean, we need to forgive ourselves. Guilt will not serve us well here. However, taking responsibility will. That means that we will stand up for ourselves even as we apologize for the harm caused by our capitulation. We will take strong and practical measures to reverse that harm. We must clearly define for ourselves who we are and what we want our home to be like.

Last New Moon, we were asking ourselves if we could move forward without losing everything. Would all of our hard work come to naught? It seems as if we witnessing the total destruction of our carefully laid foundation. However, instead of frantically rushing forward in a panic, pause. Don't rush to conclusions. What you're seeing isn't necessarily the destruction of everything. It could be a correction. A necessary cleansing and purging. A test of the soundness and strength of our foundation which readies it for the next phase.

Now is the time to trust. Nothing that is real is ever lost.


  1. On point! As always, my personal thoughts, fears and wherewithall, has been reveal to be in line with the heavens! So as above, below! Thank you for helping me to see myself more clearly! Mars retrograde grade got me thinking....I'm getting it right this time!


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