New Moon in Gemini: The Beautiful Struggle

It's been an amazing journey watching the rebirthing energy of this year unfold. The Universe has been leading us through a process of awakening. We are accessing, many of us for the first time, our deepest and most fundamental source of strength. We're moving through a time of intense and rapid change. It may feel like we're becoming different people but actually we are evolving into our real selves.

This Gemini New Moon finds us joyfully playing with all our new options. Now that we have stepped into our power and are no longer afraid of it, we can have a little fun with it. New inspirations and ideas are flowing freely now and we are looking at our collective future with new hope. What had seemed improbable and unlikely now seems possible and maybe even easy.

The spirit of Gemini encourages us to draw closer to others. At this time, going it alone is not in our best interests. We have to find our kindred spirits because it is through them that our ideas and our visions will expand, grow, and manifest. This New Moon is when friendships become community.

The Karmic North Node has joined with Saturn and Uranus. Venus is also in the mix. She is moving out of her shadow period where she was crossing again over the points she had previously covered when she went retrograde. Now she is going into new territory with the rebellious energy of Uranus propelling her forward. Although she is bursting with new ideas, she has the wisdom of Saturn (and the lessons she learned during her retrograde period) so that she knows how to implement those ideas and keep them practical and grounded. With her connection to the North Node, our desires are completely in line with our karmic work.

One of the biggest challenges we face right now is finding the balance between our need for unrestricted freedom (Mars) and our responsibilities (Saturn). As Mars and Saturn oppose each other, we have the opportunity to find our freedom through meeting our responsibilities to each other. I believe this is one of the essential tasks of building strong relationships and communities. If people feel they are required to suppress and ignore essential parts of who they are in order to be in relationship with others, then every relationship they attempt to build will have a foundation that is weak and compromised. Societies that develop based on those compromised relationships are inherently weak and will eventually fail because they cannot hold together. The work of Pluto in Capricorn and the waning (but still powerful) Cardinal T-square is to end those compromised relationships and make room for relationships and societal structures that are based in authenticity and truth.

Yes that is hard and serious work. But it needn't be grim and joyless. There are so many reasons to be happy now. There are so many reasons to be hopeful now. We can take on our responsibilities with renewed gusto. Now that we've found our squad, we're ready to take on all comers. Fuck with us if you want to but, believe me, you don't want to be on the wrong side. As always, it's your choice. 


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