Full Moon in Scorpio: On Top of the World

The year thus far has been all about beginnings. The dominant energy has been the Cardinal T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn (transforming institutions and structures) at the apex being squared by both Uranus in Aries (aggressive self-expression) and Jupiter in Libra (productive relationships) who in turn were opposing each other. The competitive, uncomfortable energy of T-squares forces us out of complacency and pushes us forward. We've been experiencing this creative discomfort throughout the first part of this year. That energy, however, is breaking up.

Last New Moon, we got a short respite. The energy was lighter and sexier. That sexy energy is still around but a Scorpio Moon, especially a Full Moon is anything but light. All of that light sexy energy just turned intense and serious.

Although the Cardinal T-square has lost most of its umph, the remnants are still around. Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio, has joined Jupiter in retrograde so the energy has turned inward. We are being asked to look deeply within ourselves and find our personal power. What keeps us going when we are at our lowest? Who are we when our backs are against the wall? What frightens us the most? When we are about to lose everything we have, what do we fight the hardest to hold onto?

Saturn, the Master Manifestor, and Uranus, the Inspired Innovator, have been working together all year. Since March, Mercury, the Rational Realist, has been joining Uranus at key points during his ongoing conversation with Saturn. When Mercury first showed up, we received visions that were shocking, unsettling, or confusing. During Mercury's retrograde period, he returned, giving us the opportunity to reassess our understanding of what we had been shown and begin our planning on how to how to make those visions real. And now he's come back one final time. It's time to make those impossible seeming visions a reality.

We will need a new level of self-awareness and self-confidence in order to follow these dreams. This Full Moon, we will feel good about ourselves and our ability to conquer any obstacle. We will ooze power. We will feel it coursing through our veins and running like an electric current through our nerve endings. This sense of power is not based on delusions but comes from having really seen the truth about ourselves and embracing the fullness of who we are. And if we do get a little carried away (because there is so much going on), the Universe will give us a gentle reminder of what our limitations are. The reminders will not break our spirits or demoralize us. That's not what they are for. They're meant to keep us focused and on our toes.

We're feeling on top of the world. And well we should be because we have earned it.


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