Mercury Retrograde/Venus Direct: The Beauty Within

Mercury is slowing down right now, getting ready for its retrograde phase. In our go go go society, people always panic during Mercury Rx. Calm down. It's not the end of the world.

It is a time to slow down and reassess. After all, we've had a lot of new information that has come our way. Venus has been retrograde for weeks and we have learned some new things. We've looked at what is important and valuable to us in our lives: people, possessions, values. Some of that information was shocking and unsettling, particularly at this last New Moon when Mercury and Uranus joined together to help us see what we may not have wanted to see. We're still reeling from that. Now is our time to integrate that new information and draw some conclusions about how we will change our lives.

Mercury represents how we take in and categorize information, our learning styles, our communication styles, how we problem solve. These characteristics change based on the sign that Mercury is in. For example, Mercury is currently in Taurus favoring communications about money and material things; learning in a hands on, experiential way; and finding solutions to problems that are practical and durable.

The first week of the retrograde, while Venus and Mercury are both retrograde, will favor coming to practical conclusions about what you have learned during Venus' retrograde cycle. As Venus turns direct and goes back over the same ground she had covered before, this time with a new perspective, the Mercury retrograde energy will give us the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments in our internal thought processes and visualize what we want for ourselves. Once we do that, we can start mapping out a plan for how we get there. Because Mercury will be retrograde when Venus turns direct, we will not be able to go full speed ahead right away. That's good! The best use of that energy is to be slow and deliberate so that the changes stick and we don't go off half-cocked.

At the New Moon, Mercury and Uranus were conferring closely with each other. When those two get together, things get said that hurt people's feelings. Truths are revealed that bursts people's bubbles (usually not in a nice way). Prophecies are made which are puzzling at the time but turn out to be dead on in hindsight. Mercury was beginning to move on but never completely lost touch with Uranus. But now, he's going back toward him again and his retrograde period will end when he and Uranus are touching each other again.

The two of them are not done making us see clearly what's not working for us. They will not rest until we accept that change is needed. When Mercury is ready to turn direct, he and Uranus together in Aries will be joining with the Moon in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. These planets will all be cooperating with each other in Fire signs. As I've said when I talked about the ongoing Cardinal T-Square this year, 2017 is a year for starting new things. Nothing gets things started like a Fire Trine.

In this configuration, your rational mind (Mercury) will be intuitively able to find progressive, innovative solutions (Uranus) to issues that had seemingly been impossible to figure out. You will become clear about your responsibilities and correct and make amends for any mistakes you might have made (Saturn), allowing you to move forward confidently and courageously (Moon). With Venus back in Aries at that time, making her second try at getting it right, I feel this continues to be about getting our relationships together.

It is important that we realize we can only be responsible for ourselves. If we are to make the best use of this energy, we must be willing to take a hard look at who we are and what we have done. If we have been slacking, this is the time to 'fess up, straighten up, and fly right. No matter how close we get to other people, they are never responsible for us. It's time for us to take control of the only person whom we can control: Ourselves.

We have an opportunity now to see the beauty that resides within each of us and love ourselves for it. The time is ripe for us to build our lives on a foundation of self-love which is rooted in our deep appreciation for the ways in which we have survived hardship and learned from it.


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