Full Moon in Pisces: Certain Uncertainties

 It just ain't right y'all. It just isn't. Everything looks fine. Nothing has changed, at least not anything obvious, but it ain't right.

The energy of this Blue Supermoon is the strong intuition that something is terribly wrong. Now we have a choice. Do we trust our gut or do we deny what we know because it contradicts and goes against everything that is obvious around us? Nobody else seems to be seeing it. Is something wrong with us? Are we crazy? 

But we can't ignore this. It's too compelling. As easy as it would be to go along to get along, we KNOW. We don't know what we know but we KNOW.

The key to working through this crazy-making energy is to embrace not-knowing. There's something so freeing about releasing the need to rationally explain everything. That release frees us to be in the moment and be completely responsive to what is happening right now. 

We gain nothing by holding on to what we are familiar with because the truth is that is over. That's why everything feels wrong. We're gonna have to let it go. And it's better to let it go on our terms rather than going down when it all goes to shit.

So we must trust our intuitions. Follow our hunches and embrace not knowing. We have a direct connection to the All Knowing that bypasses our logic and learning. Let go and trust.


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