Full Moon in Libra: Rebuilding Our Lives

The Cardinal T-Square continues to be the center of everything that's happening in the skies right now. The current Full Moon in Libra lines up with the Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries opposition.

The Sun is taking Uranus' side. He's ready to make radical changes and shake things up. Now. Why wait? The Moon is taking Jupiter's side. She's worried that the Sun and Uranus are only concerned about themselves and are being selfish and hasty. She's not necessarily opposed to change but she will not stand for mindless rebellion. Any changes have to be based in a philosophy that includes the needs of everyone and prioritizes the preservation of relationships above all else.

And, like Jupiter and Uranus, the Sun and the Moon are both at odds with Pluto who continues his work in Capricorn breaking down structures and philosophies that don't work anymore. As I've said before, the Cardinal T-Square is bringing in radical changes on a global level. But at this Full Moon, it's personal. All of that radical, rebellious, crisis inducing energy is brought home. This time it's about who you think you are and what you need to be truly happy and healthy.

Pluto squares to the Sun and Moon are never easy. They tend to bring out the worst in people. Think of the most controlling, manipulative, sneaky, and underhanded people you know (or people who always end up being on the receiving end of that energy). They probably have Pluto in hard aspect to their Sun or Moon in their natal chart. Unfortunately, this Full Moon has the potential to bring that out in all of us right now.

However, as someone who lives with Pluto conjunct her Sun and squaring her Moon, I know there's a higher use to that energy. Pluto represents the Phoenix who is destroyed but yet rises from the ashes. Pluto is also the Lord of the Underworld, the Keeper of the Mysteries of Death and Rebirth. This is where all the retrograde energy of Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus can be put to good use.

Now is not the best time to initiate anything new (Mercury). It is an excellent time to review recent lessons you may have learned about life (Saturn) and to think deeply about the philosophies and beliefs you have developed over the course of your lifetime (Jupiter). It's time to reassess what you value and why and who in your life means the most to you (Venus).

Going under the surface to find and fix what is no longer working in your life is the highest and best use of Pluto energy, especially right now. Don't be afraid to face what is ugly and hateful and unacceptable within yourself. Look into the mirror and see yourself for who you are. Your flaws are what make you unique.

So get acquainted with your dark side. You'll be surprised at how much raw energy resides there. You'll also see how much energy you expend in keeping that darkness hidden FROM YOURSELF. Because you spend so much energy hiding those things, they end up controlling you. Free yourself.

Accepting yourself as you are is the first step. Acceptance does not mean that you are justified in acting like an unmitigated ass. However, I believe it was James Baldwin who said that not everything can be changed by recognizing it but nothing can be changed unless it is recognized. Or something to that effect.

The whole purpose of this process is to get to the root causes of issues and not just run around chasing symptoms. As you lose your fear of the darkness and get comfortable moving around in it, you will be able to clearly see what's been holding you back, why you continuously experience pain and hurt in your relationships, why you always sabotage yourself. Now you can effectively fix those things. You will be able to take yourself apart and rebuild yourself from the ground up.

This is not where I expected this post to go. Sometimes, though, I get going and things come out that I'm not expecting. So here it is.

Before I end, however, I would like to point out that there is some easy flowing helpful energy available to us should we choose to use it. Saturn, the Manifestor and Uranus, the Visionary are connecting in an unobstructed way giving us the ability to draw a new blueprint for our lives. Saturn is also connected to Mercury and the North Node of faith allowing us to understand how to make that blueprint work in our daily lives.

We are in the process of becoming new beings, living new lives.


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