Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo: The Lion in Winter

It may be cold as fuck when you walk out the door but, right now, the planets are keeping it 100. This current Full Moon is fired up with a Lunar Eclipse and a Grand Fire Trine. It's not a normal Fire Trine, It's a full blown Kite, flying high up in the sky.

Trines are when 3 planets (or 3 groups of planets) line up together in all three signs of the same element. If you construct an astrological chart wheel and draw the aspect lines, it ends up looking like a big triangle. A trine represents the easiest flow of energy between planets. All of the planets involved are working cooperatively. Currently, the Eclipsed Moon in Leo is trining Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. Saturn and Uranus can be two really grumpy old men but now they are under the spell of the Moon and she has them mesmerized.

What turns this trine into a kite is the ongoing opposition between Jupiter and Uranus along with the two sextiles that Jupiter is making to the Eclipsed Moon and Saturn. The Jupiter/Uranus opposition has been going on for months and, in a nutshell, represents the need to find the middle ground between expansion and innovation. Right now, expansion is favored because Jupiter is receiving a boost from the Eclipsed Moon and Saturn. Because this opposition is cutting through the middle of the trine, it's much easier at this time to find that balance.

Lunar Eclipses are always about masculine energy supporting feminine energy but that's even more so with an Eclipse in the Sun's home sign of Leo. All Leos are favored, however, any Leo with the Sun at 12 to 30 degrees are really affected. It feels like the Sun just started shining full blast in the middle of winter.

This Full Moon is about partnerships. Jupiter in Libra at the base of the Kite is receiving most of the energy. The Sun and Moon are working together in Leo, providing a balance of male and female energies. And the other big story of this eclipse is the conjunction of Venus and Mars in Aries. They're not close enough to be a part of the trine. However, Venus is the ruler of Libra and is therefore implicated.

Venus and Mars are the archetypes of feminine and masculine energy. They have been together since November. Right now, you can actually see them at sunset on clear nights. Venus is the evening star and Mars is a smaller red dot. They are considered the Cosmic Lovers. Just in time for Valentine's Day, they are doing their eternal dance.

All of this wonderful fiery energy is built on a foundation of cooperation and love between the masculine and feminine. This energy is best used to strengthen ties of cooperation and love between men and women. If there has been any conflict in your relations with the opposite sex, now is the best time to heal those wounds. There is no way to hide emotions with all of this fire. The fire will either burn away all impurities and leave your relationship stronger and purer than ever or it will destroy a relationship that was too weak and on its last legs anyway.

There is a lot to enjoy right now. Come out and play in the Sun!


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