New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces: Conscious Creation

Tomorrow's New Moon Eclipse is featuring the powers of water. The Eclipsed Sun and the Moon are right next to Neptune, in its home sign, and Mercury who is totally out of its element.

Neptune rules the sign of Pisces, the most elusive of the water signs. Neptune's movements through the chart are slow and understated but thorough. As the ruler of Pisces, Neptune represents the deep unconscious where the boundaries of the self dissolve into union with the Source. An encounter with Neptune will leave you spellbound, dazed, and wondering what just happened. Neptune takes you deep and immerses you completely, dissolving everything you thought was certain and sure.

The Eclipsed Sun next to Neptune opens up the door to the ethereal realms. It could either be a descent into hell or a taste of heavenly bliss depending on what you've based your sense of self on. You will come face to face with who you really are by having to navigate through circumstances that are not as they initially appear when you first encounter them. As you get tangled up in a web that seems to appear out of nowhere, you will see what you are truly made of. And it will happen gradually and insidiously.

Adding an additional element of confusion to this configuration is Mercury, the planet which represent the rational, logical mind. Mercurial energies are in direct opposition to Neptunian energies. How can you make rational sense of the irrational? Perhaps the secret is in having faith. Faith, in its essence, is believing in what you cannot see and that's not always irrational, depending on the circumstances. However, if you are too deeply grounded in rationality, it can be hard to hold on to what you know is true when it is temporarily out of sight.

Mercury is also conjunct the New Moon and the Moon's South Node. It is possible now to have a renewed appreciation and understanding of your emotions. You can also consciously access abilities that your soul has developed over the course of multiple lifetimes. At this time, you can understand clearly what makes you happy and keeps you grounded at your deepest levels. In addition, you have easy access to the deep wisdom you have earned from lesson learned in past lifetimes. If you can consciously tap into that in your darkest, most confusing hour, then it becomes that much easier to maintain faith when things around you seem to be constantly shifting in unpredictable ways. With that deep understanding of what makes you tick, you can consciously create and mold a life for yourself that reflects the best of who you are.

The energy at this time is further electrified with a meeting between Mars and Uranus in Aries. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the Venus/Mars conjunction. Well, Venus is still around but they left her admiring herself in the mirror (Venus in Aries knows she is the shit and isn't quiet about it), therefore, she isn't close enough to hear what these two are plotting in the corner. Uranus, the Radical Genius, is whispering in Mars' ears. Plus Jupiter is still across the way, throwing shade and instigating. Mars is in his home sign so he's feeling pretty good. And with Uranus feeding his ego and gassing him up to do something shocking, disruptive, and totally unexpected, there may be shake ups, sudden revelations, and rebellious actions that challenge the status quo.

Your thoughts shape who you are. Elevate your thoughts and you elevate your circumstances. At this time, it is totally possible to speak a new reality into existence. A Sun/Moon/Mercury/Neptune conjunction in Pisces is a powerful opportunity to create at will. But there is a trick. Because whatever you speak into existence at this time will be a direct manifestation of who you really are.

Are you living in alignment with your destiny? Have you done the work of developing your character? Will you create heaven on earth or will you send yourself into the abyss of hell? The choice is yours. Choose well.


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