Venus/Jupiter Conjunction in Aries: The Loud Girl

 I know you've seen them over the past week or so. Proudly visible over by where the Sun sets. It's always a party when Venus and Jupiter get together which they do once a year. This year, they're partying in Aries, in Mars' house, and he's okay with it. This party is huge, everyone is invited and it will be epic!

There is a catch though. Venus is not at her best in Aries. Her home is in Libra where she reigns as queen with fairness and equity. Aries is directly opposite so she's not comfortable there. In Aries, she's loud, a little rough around the edges, not afraid to pop a ninja in their mouth if needed. Big Daddy Jupiter is there to back her up but she don't really need him. She's the quintessential roundaway girl with a heart of gold. She will go to the mat for her people but you don't want her as an enemy. 

This boisterous and joyful energy will be with us for the next week or so. Use it to shake things up, to get shit started, to upset things that are too settled.

Since this energy is so well situated in my chart right now, I have some announcements to make.

My colleague and partner in disruption, Jeannie Alexander, has left No Exceptions for opportunities and literal greener pastures elsewhere, leaving me as the sole director of No Exceptions. She is leaving me with a strong foundation of community connections and a reputation for being the monkey-wrench which wrecks the smooth functioning of the carceral state. I already miss her and wish her well. She is leaving No Exceptions but not leaving the work.

Also it's time for me to start readings again. If you want to know how the Venus/Jupiter conjunction is affecting you or just feel you need to understand yourself and your life better, I'm taking appointments. You can book your appointments here: Book Your Service | dreamer (

I'm excited about stepping into a new phase of my life and to have this opportunity to do more. There's so much work to do and even though it seems like everything is falling apart, I think it's actually coming together. Now is the time for us to build the world we have been dreaming of.


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