Full Moon in Aquarius: Gratitude

What are we thankful for? That's the question at this Full Moon. Who in our lives has consistently been there for us? What strengths have our life experiences caused us to develop? What lessons have we learned and applied successfully? What challenges have we overcome?

The energy of this Full Moon lends itself to rest, reflection, and contemplation. For once, the sky isn't full of conflict. Energy is free flowing. Slow down a little and enjoy the small comforts of life. Tune out the noise. That shit ain't going nowhere.

The past two nights, the Full Moon has been hanging out with Saturn and Jupiter exchanging pleasantries and passing the time. And looking fabulous while doing it. I suggest we do the same. Connect with old friends. Renew neglected interests. Have some fun. 

The apocalypse might be in full effect but the marigolds on my deck are full and bushy and I'm still getting the prettiest, tastiest goldish striped tomatoes from my garden. Those are just a few of the things I'm thankful for.

Enjoy these golden moments. Remember them when the fight resumes. This is what we fight for.


  1. "Connect with old friends. Renew neglected interests. Have some fun."

    I'm gonna do that.


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