Full Moon in Cancer: The Phoenix Rises

"Duty and joy go hand in hand.

Duty is there so you can continue to pursue your happiness.

And joy is there so you have something real to fight for." 

(Gabrielle Burnham in Star Trek: Discovery)

The advice given by Gabrielle Burham to her daughter Michael Burnham after she had delivered a hard dose of tough love is relevant to us during this Cancer Full Moon. This is one of the themes of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction.

Big Daddy Jupiter has had a hard time this past year. He hates being in Capricorn and he had to put up with Saturn's and Pluto's no-fun-having asses the entire time. The most fun he could have was starting a pandemic with Pluto but even that came with hard lessons attached because of Saturn.

And what were those lessons? The pandemic has laid bare our stingy and narrow philosophies about how a society should be run. The unsustainable "ideals" which (barely) hold our society together. Why do we worship the hoarding of money and resources? Why does our economic system romanticize dehumanization? Why are people who ruthlessly exploit and oppress others idolized? Why should we aspire to be the person who accumulates the most things and then violently squashes the people who are "under" them? Why do we want to be that?

It's no surprise that the explosive energy of the current Mars square Pluto and Saturn configuration has, with Jupiter's involvement, manifested an actual bombing. The bomber used the logic of rugged individualism which we love so much to its extreme. And, as usual, we struggle to find the words to condemn him because he was acting in concordance with our stated beliefs. With who we think we are.

Jupiter is ready to get away from all that. Over the next year, he will be in Aquarius, once he clears his square to Uranus, he'll be pretty much free. Free to elevate the Aquarian energy from extreme individualism to a collectivism which values the unique contribution of each individual. This is the highest expression of Aquarian energy.

Out of the ashes of 2020, we will rise, resurrected and renewed. Ready to pursue our happiness within the context of our duty to each other, free of our delusions of separation.


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