New Moon in Virgo: Cleaning House

 This Virgo New Moon has us thinking about health and hygiene. This leads to an extensive consideration of everything that's working or not working in our lives. Habits, relationships, our living environments. After all that's been going on, with everything that's been emerging from our shadow the past few months, we're ready to clean it up. Just get rid of everything if it has no apparent usefulness.

Any process of deep cleaning involves getting really dirty first. Furniture has to be moved. Lots of dust is kicked up. "Wow. How did all that popcorn get under the couch?" How many nasty messes have been hidden in dark corners? Now's the time to start cleaning them up.

"Wow! I've been looking for those shoes for months! And they've been under the bed the whole time." We find a lot of lost things during deep cleaning. When we uncover those things, we then have to decide do we really need them? After all, we've gotten along just fine while they were gone. Maybe it's time to go ahead and throw that away.

Be prepared for resistance. The people around us may not understand why, suddenly, we've decided to change everything. They felt comfortable and happy in our cozily cluttered environment. Our mess felt like home to them. While we're working, they may not be able to stand the dust and disarray. Part of the reason we're doing this is because we want to be better partners and friends. This creates tension and conflict. But that's also a form of deep cleaning. Relationships which withstand the upheaval come out on the other side stronger.

So let's not shy away from the hard work deep cleaning requires. And let's not be too quick to throw things away just because they appear to not be obviously useful. Some things are worth saving. On the other hand, don't hesitate to throw away stuff that's no longer needed. Our challenge is to approach this work with flexibility, a clear head and an active imagination.


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