Full Moon in Virgo: Tending to Details

As this surreal Mercury retrograde period comes to a close, I've been doing a lot of cleaning. Not really rising to the level of full spring cleaning (mainly because I've been traveling and pitching also in on the larger post-tornado community cleanup) but more intense than regular weekly cleaning. It feels good to have something tangible to do, moving things around, seeing chaotic things shape up into a semblance of order. Focusing on granular details and tightly focused, easily obtainable goals makes the world seem a lot less crazy.

The past three weeks have been confusing and overwhelming. Some of us have literally lost everything in the blink of an eye. The past New Moon invited us to allow ourselves to drift but that time is definitely over. The dream has turned into a nightmare and it's time to wake up.

In the perfect timing of the Universe, this Virgo Full Moon allows us to gently rouse ourselves. The Worm Moon marks the very beginning of spring when the earth is warming up and waking the earthworms from their winter sleep. I've seen a few of them the past few days sleepily wiggling around in the dirt.

Earthy Virgo energy is opposite balance to misty Pisces energy. Virgo encourages us to start small and pace ourselves. Making small decisions and following through on them provides that feeling of accomplishment which gives us the confidence to make bigger decisions. Little by little, we reassert some measure of control over the chaos that has overpowered us.

Many of us are having to rebuild our lives from scratch. We're having to develop new routines and new ways of moving through the world. Take heart. We're all in this together.

I've watched, and also participated, as our community has come together to offer practical support and helping hands to each other. We have been reminded in a most powerful way of how much we need each other. As we clean and rebuild and order is restored, let's not forget this moment. This time when we understood and responded to the needs of the people around us. Because in reality, our neighbors have the same needs they always do. The only difference is that the illusion of control and order has been removed. Therefore we give ourselves permission to be compassionate and generous.

Let's not make this yet another Neptune/Piscean dream which fades away and is forgotten as normalcy is restored. Let's continue to show each other the same magnanimity and benevolence when the lights are back on as we are demonstrating toward each other now. That's how our community will evolve into a place where everyone thrives.


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