New Moon in Aquarius: Use Your Power for Good

It's been cold and damp these past few weeks. No snow just a few flurry teases which weren't even enough to get into a bread and milk panic about. Most days are gray but the sun peeks out and still manages a good show when he's setting. Venus is still bright in the evening sky.  The days are noticeably longer. But we are still so far from spring.

During this Aquarian New Moon, we have found that much needed second wind. Emboldened with a new surge of energy, we're ready to take on all comers. Finally, we're back in the game!

But hold up! Our adversaries are also feeling empowered and emboldened. They have also found their second wind. They are in no way near ready to give up.

The energy of this time doesn't easily lend itself to introspection. However, we must take stock and give ourselves a reality check. It's so easy at this time to overestimate our abilities, to become irrationally exuberant and to be carried away into dogmatism because we believe so strongly in our personal goodness and the rightness of our cause. If we don't watch ourselves, we will become the monster we're trying to fight.

Let's vigorously build a new life, destroy paradigms, protect our wins and absolutely take no shit. Let's be great and live out our destiny to the fullest while remaining mindful that we are human, we don't know everything. And no, we aren't always right. At this inspiring Lunar New Year, let's be a powerful force for goodness. 


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