Full Moon in Aries: The Crucible

This fiery Full Moon in Aries is courageously fighting for her right to be. She's loud. She takes up space. She is unapologetic about it. She is challenging the Sun in Libra to accept her as she is. After doing the work of discovering those parts of herself she had discarded and neglected, it's time to see if her relationships can accommodate her expansion and growth.

These are the trials that make or break relationships. That show us who our real friends are. That show whether a committed relationship can go the distance. That show who in our families have our backs, the ones who really love us and understand us versus the ones who only tolerate us.

The energy of this Moon is not seeking to be completely independent of the responsibility of keeping and maintaining relationship.  This Moon is simply uncompromising about being in relationships which cannot stand her showing up in her entirety. She is tired of having to hide important parts of herself to be acceptable to others.

Mercury has started entered the shadow period of his upcoming retro
grade. The issues which we will have to revisit and sit with during the retrograde are coming to the forefront now. The energy of the next nine weeks or so will be conducive to facing and dealing with issues that perhaps we have been avoiding. It's possible now to revisit those issues during the retrograde and come to terms with them.

The purifying fires of the crucible are upon us. As our relationships are put through their paces, we will need to approach each other with love and respect. Over the next few weeks, it may seem that the world around us is going up in flames. We have nothing to be afraid of. Because we have each other. We must never lose sight of that.


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