New Moon in Libra: The Past is Prologue

Earlier this week, I dreamed of a garden. The garden had been planned and carefully cultivated at one time but the gardener had died or moved, the dream didn't say which, and I was with the new property owner surveying the property. I remembered how much care the previous owner had taken with the garden. However, in the owner's absence, the garden was now overgrown but the old raised beds and terraces were still there. The garden was beautiful, still, but now in a wild and uncultivated way. There were wild plants there which had medicinal value but are usually considered weeds and the greens she had planted and so carefully tended had become wild and were tastier and more potent than ever.

This is the energy we find ourselves in now. Becoming aware of old parts of ourselves which we had tended so carefully then, for whatever reason, had abandoned. Now we are returning to them and finding that they have taken on a life of their own. We can see the vestiges of the previous work we did but somehow those seeds took root and grew into forms and shapes which we could never have envisioned.

It's now time for us to turn our attention back to those areas and the first thing we have to do is take responsibility for abandoning them. We made choices at the time. They might have been wise or unwise but we made those choices. Those decisions are the reasons for the conditions we're returning to. We may need to forgive ourselves for unwise choices. Whatever we need to do. Because there is no time to waste wallowing in unproductive regret.

The next thing we need to do is to appreciate our resilience and the resilience of our creations. Life always finds a way. We can find hope in how those abandoned parts of our lives and our psyches found a way to sustain themselves while we were away. We can find inspiration in their wild beauty.

Then we decide how to move forward. Our future is totally in our hands. We don't need to be held captive by past decisions. We just need to roll up our sleeves and get to work.


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