Full Moon in Sagittarius: Subtle Shifts

The energy of this Full Moon can be likened to a heat seeking missile which has been launched and is silently but relentlessly honing in on its target. The target itself is unaware that it's a target and is in motion itself, going about its business. But the missile never loses focus. It moves as the target moves until BOOM! Out of nowhere. The target won't know what hit it.

The powerful emotional energy that was present at the New Moon is still active and has found its focus and direction. However, we're still not aware of how much power is being generated.

It's like trying to run through waist deep water. It's pretty much impossible. It takes a lot of energy which isn't fully appreciated until one gets out of the water and walks on land. Then the difference can be felt. The inability to feel and understand the full extent of our current actions and the actions of others is characteristic of this time.

While we may feel inhibited in many ways, this is one of those charmed and blessed moments when even the smallest move we make in the direction we want to go is favored by the Universe. We may not be able to move with the precision and decisiveness we would like to have, however, the Universe is there to put the needed course correction into place. If our actions are inspired by our highest and best intentions and are in alignment with the highest expression of who are, then we don't have to worry about mistakes and errors. We are in a state of grace where subtle but profound shifts are occurring.

The nature of Sagittarius is to always be in the center of the action and if there is no action, to generate it. The energy might be muted but the Sagittarian drive to experience life to the fullest is still there. We needn't worry that we are missing out or not doing enough or wasting our time. The missile is locked on the target and we're still on track. Continue striving and in due time we will see how much impact we have had.


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