Full Moon in Scorpio: Bitter the Road We Trod

This Full Moon finds us unexpectedly facing the still very much alive ghosts of what we thought were our pasts.

There we were. Thinking we have become enlightened and progressive. We're not racist anymore. We've had a Black president and Black people are in powerful positions in all levels of society. Roe v. Wade is settled law. We'll never go back to the days of back alley abortions. After Watergate, we developed an understanding of how power corrupts and know that we have to keep our politicians accountable and honest. Right?

So why are we facing these issues again? It's almost as if the past fifty or so years never happened. It raises the fair question: Who are we really? Are the attempts we have been making to create a fair, just, and equitable society aberrant because people just inherently need to have an underclass to oppress? Are the specific forms of oppression which are evident today just a reflection of who we actually are? Is it useless and a colossal waste of precious life energy to strive to change those oppressive systems? Why do we have to fight the same battles over and over and over again? What is the point?

Neptune is still in charge and always raises more questions than answers. And the answers he does supply are riddles wrapped in conundrums presented as enigmas. It is truly my feeling that a monumental shift is occurring. However, with Saturn and Pluto still in contact with the South Node of the Moon, we simply cannot move forward until we completely reckon with our past. We have fooled ourselves into believing that it's easy to change. But it's not. Not when there has been generations of trauma and karmic legacies that have to be seen and faced.

Before the New can come forward, the Old has to completely die. Make no mistake, the Old order is on its last legs at this Scorpio Full Moon. Like many dying things, it is at its most dangerous when it is cornered and knows the end is near. When we look back on all that we have sacrificed, all the lives that have been lost, all the people who are in pain and hurting, we can't just give up. The New is still gestating unseen. It's being fed and nurtured by our love for each other and our unwavering faith in its potential.

Now is the time to persevere. Now is the time to win.


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