New Moon in Aries: Intensity

The other night I dreamed I was lying next to an indoor pool. Just a regular Olympic sized pool like at a gym or someplace. Suddenly, a huge tidal wave rose out of the pool and sucked me in. I found myself at the bottom of the deep end but I wasn't worried. I had been in this position before. All I had to do was allow myself to float upward. And I did. And it was fine.

If you've been reading my posts, you know what I say about handling Neptune energy. That tidal wave in the dream (that I was completely not expecting) is representative of the Neptune energy we have been dealing with for some weeks now. The wisdom of this dream has never been more applicable than now.

Last Full Moon, we were feeling the tipping point. The shift that indicated the change had occurred. Now that energy has fully turned and is moving full speed ahead. It doesn't matter whether we feel ready. We have been sucked into the deep end of the pool and it's sink or swim time. The thing is we don't know what we know and we won't know it until we are forced to use it. The Universe is making us use it and we will be pleasantly surprised when we realize we really do know what we're doing. Situations we couldn't get a handle on before are suddenly crystal clear. We know exactly what to do now as if that information was already there. It was. And now that the shift has occurred, we can access it. It happens so easily and naturally now.

However, if we stop and try to figure and plan things out, we will impede the flow of energy and end up tripping ourselves up. We've got to continue to ride this wave until the end. During this intense time, we need to trust our connection with the Universe and keep floating. It's brought us this far. Right?


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