“Sometimes I feel like a motherless child.
A long way from home” – American Negro Spiritual
Today’s featured transit: Mercury/Sun conjunction conjunct Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn
Words of advice from a descendant of enslaved Africans to new immigrants detained at the border
We could have told you. America doesn’t love you. America doesn’t deserve you.
America doesn’t deserve your ingenuity. America will suck you dry and spit you out when it deems you no longer useful.
America, at best, will only see you as 3/5s human. Your humanity is only worth anything to them if they can use it to serve their own ends.
America hates you. But loves your food, loves your music, loves your labor and creativity. America will not only take those things from you but will pretend they had it all along and vigorously deny any of it actually belongs to you.
America will do everything in its power to keep you from succeeding. But when you do succeed, they will act as if they were your friends the whole time. While at the same time, changing the rules to maintain the status quo.
You will succeed. You will take the tragedy of being separated from your children and form new ways of being family and being in community. That’s what we did. Because they developed and honed the tactics they are using against you with us first and while we have not completely recovered, our ability to turn trauma into beauty is something that the entire world marvels over. You can and will do the same.
We will need to be resourceful, though, because they are also using every tactic they have learned to keep us apart because they know how powerful we are when we unite. Let’s not allow that to happen. Not this time.
Today’s action: As a first step toward rectifying the harm done to children and families over the last few months due to the family separation policy, take some time to learn more about what is happening right now to people who are fleeing from violence which makes staying at home impossible for them. Read their stories and honor their humanity. Then look for ways in which you can help. Here’s a good place to start: http://www.socialworkblog.org/…/how-to-volunteer-to-help-i…/
Today’s sharing: The Central American immigrants who have made the perilous trek across Mexico in a desperate bid to gain entry into the United States have a far different motivation for coming here than my African ancestors who were kidnapped and brought to this continent against their will. However, the end result has been the same. A shared de-humanization carried out through violence with the separation of children and parents as a defining feature. The Trump Administration has learned all the wrong lessons from history.
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