Full Moon in Cancer: Metamorphosis

There's a nostalgic longing associated with this New Moon. Not sad because it is accompanied by a sense of loving connection to the Source. However, the feeling encourages us to take stock of our loves, the people and the things that make us happy. We find ourselves reminiscing on past happy events and seeking to recreate them in the present. But not in the exact same way because we are aware that we have grown and that we are different. We want to be close to family and friends because that's where home is.

We take this time to indulge in the comforts of home. The places where we can be ourselves with no pretense, where we are completely understood and accepted, and encouraged to express ourselves. Underneath this desire to be comfortable and comforted is a restlessness. We know that soon, we will need to be out in the world, making our mark, and it is these times of quiet nurturance which will sustain us in our next set of adventures.

This Full Moon is truly special in that it coincides with the Winter Solstice. A Full Moon on a Solstice is really rare; it only happens about every nineteen years or so. It carries the energy of beginnings and endings and gives us an opportunity to be intentional about initiating endings which make room for new beginnings. In the darkness of long Solstice nights, in the company of people whom we love and who love us, we can be completely honest and open about the parts of ourselves we usually hide and run away from. This sets the stage for change.

Another powerful and special aspect of this Moon is that it occurs at zero degrees of Cancer, a critical degree. The Sabian symbol for the zero point of Cancer is lowering an old flag and raising a new one. Now is the time of shedding old allegiances and old ways of being so that by the time the Sun fully returns at the Summer Solstice, we can emerge from our cocoons as completely new beings.

Let's embrace the dark and make ourselves at home. It's been a long journey and it's not over yet.


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