Full Moon in Sagittarius: Firm Foundations

Last December, the New Moon in Sagittarius had us thrumming with the excitement of yet unrealized possibilities. We were that tight bowstring existing in that moment right before the arrow was released. New Moon in Sagittarius: Creative Tension

And here we are, months later, at the Sagittarian Full Moon which ends that cycle. The arrow was shot. It found its mark. And the ripple effects of that have come to fruition. This karmic cycle has come to a productive end. As we look back over our work the past few months, we can see just how far we've come. All because we weren't afraid to take our shot.

We have a lot to look forward to. With Mars in Aquarius, we have the courage and energy to build on the solid foundation we have laid down. Armed with the knowledge of everything we have learned, we are inspired to move boldly into the future. The intrepid Sagittarius Moon is always unafraid and learns by doing and the Gemini Sun communicates easily and makes friends where ever it goes.

Because we are grounded by the careful warnings of Saturn and are emotional stable and spiritually connected, our strivings and aspirations are realistic and achievable. We are enjoying a rare moment of clarity and optimism which is truly welcome after the painful prunings and uncertain risk takings of the past few months. All of that hard work has paid off.

Enjoy the moment. Then roll up your sleeves and start building!


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