New Moon in Aries: The Beginning of Everything?

This New Moon comes with a lot of angst. I have been walking around with a knot in the pit of my stomach for the past three days. Even though Mercury has turned direct, and consequently my thinking is a lot less fuzzy, I'm feeling so much uncertainty, so much anxiety associated with this New Moon.

The struggles which the last Full Moon brought to a head have not completely resolved. Even though we see clearly where the battle lines are drawn that doesn't necessarily lead to an easy route to peace and harmony. The weather reflects the uncertainty. One day, it's beautiful, sunny, and warm. We're certain that spring is finally here to stay. However, the next day, it's dreary and blustery, with stray snow flakes flying. And in the intervening time between the two states, we have lived through a raging, frightening thunderstorm.

However, we do know that summer is coming. Because it always does. Each time the weather warms up, the temperature is a little higher and the sun stays out a little longer. In spite of the conflict directly associated with the New Moon, in the background, there are energies that are moving us toward the light. The energies of new life and rebirth are coalescing behind the scenes where we can't necessarily see them. However, we can feel them if we take the time to slow down and breathe.

I don't have any children but I have assisted at several births. I am aware that the process of delivery ebbs and flows. This New Moon feels like this. We've reached the point where we know the baby is coming but there is so much work to be done before she arrives. There's no turning back. We got to see this through to the end and nothing less than our full commitment is absolutely required.

The pain that we're feeling is not the pain of death. It's the pain of birth. And there is a distinct difference.

There's so much joy waiting for us at the end of this cycle. Summer always comes.


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