New Moon in Aquarius: Greetings from the Cauldron

I've gotta admit, I've had a hard time getting a handle on the energy of this eclipse. Possibly because I'm still personally reeling from the last eclipse. My life has become a living object lesson in the power of eclipses.

You see the last eclipse happened right along my Ascendant/Descendant axis. Most people know their Ascendant as their Rising Sign. Most don't know much about the sign on the opposite end, the Descendant. But it's just as important. The Ascendant is basically how we move through the world, the parts of ourselves we find easy to express. It's what is most obvious about us and what people first notice about us. If look at an astrological chart as a story about who we are, the Ascendant is the summary. People who don't know us well are largely interacting with our Ascendants, our personas.

On the other side, the Descendant is our shadow. It's the part of us that is hard for us to express, a part that is hidden and oftentimes unconscious to us. Consequently, because it's not easy, I believe, it becomes part of our life's work to develop the characteristics that dwell in our shadow. Therefore, we attract people and experiences which help familiarize us with our shadow and develop our relationship to it. So, the sign on your Descendant is the main indicator of the kinds of relationships we attract. This is not restricted to romantic relationships. It also includes friendships, working partnerships, most of the significant relationships in our lives will involve the Descendant in some way. As I've said before, our shadows are not bad. It's simply an area which requires us to make an effort to recognize it and integrate its attributes. If we don't do this work, we become unbalanced and incomplete.

Last time, I expounded a little on the nature of the Leo/Aquarian dichotomy. Aquarius is my rising sign and I have lived that dichotomy my entire life. A Full Moon happens when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other. At the eclipse, the Sun was on my Ascendant and the eclipsed Moon was on my Descendant. The past few weeks have put my Leo shadow on full display. And with the Aquarian Sun on my Ascendant, it has played out in an extremely public way. I had to pull on my shadow Leo traits and I was totally out of my comfort zone. I was surprised, though, at how amazingly easy it was to find those attributes when I needed them. I had no idea they were there because I never use them. As uncomfortable as I was, it felt natural.

I feel like that might be the energy of this current New Moon. Granted, this assessment is highly subjective, moreso than any of my other lunar energy readings these past few months, because I feel like I'm right in the throes of it. But it feels like this is a time when we are drawing on our karmic muscle-memory.

This eclipse is directly connected, energetically, to the eclipse in August, not just because it is along the Leo/Aquarius axis, but also because it occurs exactly opposite it. We have made a 180 degree turn. The old issues have come back, however, we're different and our reactions to those old triggers show that difference. In many ways, we've been reaching into our shadow and finding resources there and strength that we didn't know we had. Because we have been doing the work of integrating our shadows, we now stand at the brink of a new level of growth. We have been on both sides now and have attacked our situation from different angles.

Last August, Mercury was at home but retrograde in Virgo, carefully looking back and analyzing what hadn't worked in the past and what wasn't working now. Now Mercury is exalted in Aquarius. The Individual Mind perfectly melding with the Universal Mind. United with the Sun, we are on the brink of a new level of growth. In the intervening months, we have grown in self-awareness, self-love, and self-acceptance.

This rare Black Moon gives us the power to effortlessly remember and draw on lessons we learned in previous lifetimes, lesson we learned when we didn't know we were learning, and aptitudes and talents we didn't know we had. These will come up automatically as needed in moments of crisis (opportunities disguised as difficulties). Before we even have time to think about what we just did, we would have done it.

Stand firm in your knowing. You are prepared. You've been preparing for this your entire life. It's your time.


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