Full Moon in Leo: The Feminine Mystique

Blood Moon. Blue Moon. Supermoon. This Leo Full Moon deserves all of the breathless accolades it has been getting. It is the culmination of the lunation cycle which was opened by the Leo New Moon in August. Beginning and ending with eclipses, this cycle has been chock-full of drama.

Astronomically, this lunar eclipse is part of a completely different eclipse cycle than the eclipse in August. However, astrologically, the energy has evolved and come to a mysterious and somewhat inconclusive conclusion. It's one of those endings which feels like there's going to be sequel. Soon.

Shape-shifting Neptune is leading the charge. She has taken on the persona of a captivating Siren this time. At one moment, she's over here and then the next she's over there and then the next she seems to be everywhere at once. Her hypnotic voice has put us in a pleasant trance, drawing our attention away from the Full Moon in Aquarius and Leo.

Aquarius and Leo are in differing ends on a spectrum. At one end, you have Leo the Lion, ruled by the Sun, which is extreme in its self-expression and demands that everyone acknowledge its beauty and uniqueness. On the other end is Aquarius, ruled by Uranus (with Saturn as the traditional ruler), who as the Water Bearer, does not draw attention to itself but insists that everyone's need for self-expression is equally encouraged. These two are fixed signs. Their essence does not change. However, they have the ability to take on different personas as needed. Leo, as the consummate performer, can play any role its audience demands. Aquarius responds to the emotional undercurrent of the collective. That ability often causes Aquarius to be perceived as erratic or weird because it is responding to vibrations which aren't perceived by those who are not in tune. For those who are similarly in tune, Aquarius' actions and viewpoints seem logical and perfectly timed.

At this time, with the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, fused with Venusian energy, these energies which are most easily recognized in their Masculine form are shifting, with Neptune's assistance, into their Feminine expression. Back in August, the portal was opening and all bets were off. Anything could happen. Now we're seeing what that means. Everything old really is new again. As we are seeing and experiencing an upsurge of Feminine Power and Feminine Agency, the Great Mother is waking up from Her long sleep.

Is this the beginning of the long awaited Return of the Matriarchy? Will we look back at this time and see that this was a pivotal moment in ushering in the Age of Aquarius? Or will the Divine Feminine simply stir, turn over, and go back to sleep? The choice is, as always, ours. The Matriarchy is us.


  1. this is super deep indeed@ thanks sis!

  2. Thanks for reading y'all!! I hope y'all will get to see the eclipse tomorrow.


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