New Moon in Sagittarius: Creative Tension

The arrow has been nocked and now the bow is being drawn. Tighter and tighter, the tension builds on the bowstring.  It vibrates and thrums with energy. Tighter and tighter and tighter....

This is where we are. Drawn tight like a nocked arrow on a bowstring with the energy and tension building. It's not a comfortable place to be. Wanting to move forward but steadily being pulled back. However, the buildup of energy is exhilarating. It's the pause at the top of the first big drop on a rollercoaster. It's the delicious torment of pent-up pleasure aching for release in that milli-second before orgasm. It's everything! It's quintessential Sagittarian energy.

This New Moon encapsulates the moment right before the release that starts a new cycle of growth. The New Moon is in Sagittarius along with Venus. Retrograde Mercury is pulling us back and making sure we tie up all our loose ends. Uranus and Pluto, squaring each other since 2012, are making their last square and the issues related to that have come back one last time. Saturn is also at the last degree of Sagittarius and making the most of the final days of his two year stay.

Now is the time for us to consider our Saturn in Sagittarius lessons which would have played out in the areas of your life represented by what house Saturn was transiting in your natal chart. In general, Saturn in Sagittarius is where your high-flying dreams meet reality. Saturn in Sagittarius asks you: Are you just going to talk a big game or are you going to do what needs to be done to make things happen? Are your dreams realistic? Are you just sitting around selling wolf tickets or can you back it up? Now that Saturn's work in Sagittarius is done, you will now have a clearer, more realistic understanding of what you can and cannot do.

Last Full Moon was the complete end of a cycle. This is the moment where we stand on the precipice of the next cycle. The best use of this energy is to review the past two years through cold, Saturn eyes. As Saturn moves back home into Capricorn, we have a new opportunity to work hard and manifest our visions and make them lucrative. We can repair the places where we have fallen short of our ideals and regain our integrity and lost status. We can apply the knowledge we have gained from our experiences and resolve long-standing issues which have eluded resolution.

Our discomfort right now is temporary. It is the result of growing pains. The discomfort that comes when you have one foot in the past and the other in the future. In no time, the arrow will be released. Will it hit its mark?


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