Full Moon in Scorpio: The Truth

The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off.

When I was a young pup and just learning about life, that was one of my favorite quotes. It was so true for me back then when I was undergoing my first Moon/Saturn conjunction which was much harder than my actual Saturn return a couple of years later. The way my chart is set up, I had a choice of letting life beat me up or learning how to fight back. I chose to become a fighter. This was my mantra.

We are deep in Scorpio season now. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is the sign of death and rebirth, survival by any means necessary, sex, legacies, taxes, psychology, secrets, the dark sides of human nature. Scorpio is the Scorpion, but it's also associated with the Phoenix, and, once it emerges from the other side, the Eagle. The house in your chart that is ruled by Scorpio and the placement of Pluto in your chart are places where you will feel constantly under assault. Those areas of your life will be in a constant state of evolution your entire life and will die and be reborn several times. For example, in my chart, Scorpio rules my 9th house of philosophy and big ideas and Pluto is conjunct my Sun (along with Uranus but that's a complete post until itself). My ideas about who I am are constantly being revised. With Pluto conjunct my Sun, any delusions I have about my own perfection (they are in Virgo after all) is a set up for a smack down. But with each iteration and incarnation, I have become stronger.

This is what Pluto (Scorpio) does. In Scorpio energy, you have to face those dark, ugly parts of yourself. Those parts you try to hide from everyone. In my last post, I made reference to Jupiter in Scorpio. I felt that Jupiter in Scorpio would cause us to rethink our ideas about sex and power. That's exactly what is happening. Hundreds of women (and a few brave men) are coming forward and speaking the truth about how their power was taken away from them when men refused to acknowledge them as whole human beings and instead reduced them to a collection body parts. Refusing to see them as autonomous human beings, these men used their positions of power to assert control and dominance over them.

There are few women who don't have a story to tell. Our stories range from isolated incidences of harassment to criminal sexual assault with all the shades of humiliation in between. We all know that is the price you pay for having a vagina in this society. It is completely and totally normalized. However, Jupiter in Scorpio is changing that. Jupiter is shining his bright and blinding light into the dark nooks and crannies and secrets are coming out. Secrets that weren't really secrets because everyone knew about them but just accepted that's just the way things were.

That's no longer the case, at least for now. This Full Moon is about 'fessing up and taking responsibility. It's about how our private lives inform our public image and if there is too much space between the two, it's time to bring them into alignment. Deeply concealed personal issues are being played out in public. Some things have to die before rebirth and growth can occur. Jupiter's close connection to this Full Moon is kick starting that process.

Remember back in May when the New Moon was in Taurus and everything was sexy, fresh, and new? Well, things are still sexy but they're not fresh and new anymore. That energy has matured and is coming into its own. We cannot move to the next level until we take that assessment. This involves radical truthtelling which resets and balances the power dynamics of our relationships. Once the sparks have died down, we can have a clearer idea of what we really want and be about the work of bringing those dreams into reality. Before long, we'll be flying high again but this time with a clear sense of where we're going.

As I learned when I was younger, the truth may piss you off but there's nothing like that rush that happens when you have recognized and let go of ideas and people that were holding you back. There's nothing like being in charge and taking responsibility. The confidence that comes from knowing that you are strong enough to take on whatever comes opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

For right now, be fearless, revel in your newfound strength, and don't be afraid to reinvent yourself.


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