Full Moon in Capricorn: Cleaning House

"Sunshine is the best antiseptic." That old aphorism is the first thing that came to my mind when I looked at this full moon chart. Full Moons signal culminations and endings. We have had a lot of planets passing through the sign of Cancer, the sign of home and family, the past few weeks. A lot of energy has been stirred up at home. It's now time to clean house.

The Full Moon is forming a t-square with Jupiter. Remember the t-square in cardinal signs that was active during the last two months of 2016 and the first months of this year? The planets involved were Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Libra. Back in December 2016, the Capricorn New Moon was sitting right next to Pluto which was at the apex of that t-square. Well, that energy is being brought to a head with this Full Moon.

The December New Moon, conjunct Pluto and Mercury (which was also in Capricorn at the time), was urging us to grow up and take responsibility for our actions. The new cycle was a time to go deep within ourselves, face our shadow, embrace it, and come back from that journey stronger and wiser. Think about the past few months. During Jupiter retrograde, we had the opportunity to ponder the meaning of life. During Venus retrograde, we had the opportunity to examine our relationship and make them richer, stronger, and more meaningful. During the ongoing square to Pluto, our most primal drives were brought to our awareness and we had the opportunity to deconstruct and then reconstruct ourselves. As Saturn and Uranus have entered into collaboration with each other over the past few months, we have begun to formulate our new identity and lay the foundation for our new lives.

This Full Moon has the potential for extreme disruption and upheaval. Pluto and his little brother Mars have been at odds with each other for the past month or so. It gets nasty when these two fight. 

Mars is in his fall in Cancer. When he's well aspected there, he builds a strong and secure home base for his family. But when he's not in good position there, he become insecure and fearful. Mars' fear is a dangerous thing because it manifests as anger and aggression. He will destroy everything that he loves and will not know why he's doing it. He is not well aspected now. I've discussed Pluto in Capricorn before and his fondness for tearing shit up simply because he can.

The Sun is next to Mars, bringing to light all those things in his house that he would rather keep hidden. The Moon is next to Pluto, just as it was back in December. A Moon/Pluto alignment also can bring up all deeply hidden fears and weaknesses in the most traumatic and painful way possible. 

This energy feels to me like a growing abscess. It's been growing and festering since December. It's now ready to pop. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. The Sun next to Mars right now means it's time to clean up. If you've been doing your work, you can properly treat it and drain the abscess yourself. You already know what issues are involved. You're already working on them. It won't be pleasant but you have been taking responsibility and learning your lessons. You know this is necessary. You know what to do. You can take care of it and move on.

But if you have not been taking responsibility, if you have been ducking and dodging and trying to avoid the issue, the time has come where you can't do that anymore. That abscess is going to burst in the nastiest and most public way and the aftermath is going to be gruesome. The Sun is shining on all your dirty little secrets. Time to fess up.


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