Full Moon in Sagittarius: Fuck with Me, See What Happens

Big Daddy Jupiter is about to turn direct with the Full Moon occurring in his home sign. Everything is gonna be alright! That's the message of this Full Moon in optimistic, high spirited Sagittarius. There's an irrepressible air of joy and optimism in the air.

The big news of the summer has been, and will continue to be for next several months, the Grand Fire Trine between Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Sagittarius and the North Node of the Moon in Leo. I've talked about Uranus in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius but the North Node is a different thing. It's not a planet. It's a mathematical point which is calculated using the orbits of the Sun and the Moon and their relationship to each other. The details are mind-numbingly boring. The North Node and the South Node, which is exactly opposite, form the Nodal Axis and are both called the Nodes of the Moon. Both of them are indicators of karma. The place where the North Node is located in a chart shows the karmic work we need to do in our current incarnation. The place where the South Node is located indicates the strengths and liabilities which we have brought into this incarnation from previous incarnations.

Currently, the North Node is in Leo. Leo is the sign of the heart and the Sun is its ruling planet. In Leo, we are self-assured and confident. We know who we are and we expect to be recognized and even worshiped. Therefore, the North Node in Leo helps us to feel assured that we are on the right path. All doubts have been cast aside and we move forward courageously. And why shouldn't we? We've done a lot of work over the past few months. We've reviewed our relationships and our values while Venus was retrograde. We've been relentless in our pursuit of the deepest darkest truths about ourselves during the Cardinal T-Square and have torn down and rebuilt the fundamental structures of our lives. There's plenty of reason for us to be self-possessed and assertive.

No, everything is not perfect. Jupiter and Pluto are still not seeing eye to eye. The Moon is uncomfortably close to cold Saturn and we might be feeling a little lonely and isolated because of that. But because we know we are on track with our karmic work, we can channel the isolation we feel into our work. We are getting brilliant insights from Uranus which help us to see and understand the big picture.

We're not in the mood for anyone's shit right now. We've been making our plans for the past couple of months and there will be no obstacles that can hold us back.

You ready? I am!


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