New Moon in Taurus: The Little Death

This New Moon is full of juicy, promising new beginnings. We have followed Venus into her retrograde journey of self-discovery and we've taken the energy of Pluto and taken ourselves apart. This New Moon, with its comfortable connection to a Saturn which is still sitting and communing with the Heart of the Universe, is about fresh new starts.

Saturn and Uranus are continuing their collaborative work in planning the outlines of how this new start will unfold. Saturn in retrograde wants to make sure that all of the preliminary work is properly completed and is taking the time to review the process as it has unfolded thus far. Even in retrograde, Saturn seeks to take control by holding you to account for the decisions you have made thus far. It's now time to go back and fix the flaws in the process. You are the only one to blame for what's wrong in your life and Saturn's going to make sure you know it and take responsibility for it.

Except that Venus who is starting anew with the fresh insights which she gained during her retrograde journey has a different idea. At the time of this New Moon, she is in Pisces, the sign of her exaltation, at the very last degrees of that sign where she is at the pinnacle of her glory. Her journey has taken her into a deep place of pain from which there seemed to be no solace. It was in that place where she discovered the Divine Mystery and, because there seemed to be no other answer, opened herself up to it. Now she is experiencing the blissful joy of union with the Source mixed with the pain of having experienced her limitations and shortcomings. She is completely and ecstatically surrendering herself to that experience. She is not afraid to die because she knows she will be reborn soon when she crosses back over into Aries.

From that place of orgasmic enlightenment, she is saying to Saturn that it is pointless to assign blame. What's done is done and the best thing to do at this moment is to allow the process to unfold on its own and have faith that it will work out. Doesn't it feel good to let go? This is crazy talk to Saturn. He feels that nothing gets done if no one is held responsible. How else will you be able to make your dreams and your ideas and your philosophies and make them real?

Our challenge right now is to find the balance between the energy of taking responsibility and rolling up your sleeves to make it work and the energy of letting go and having faith in the process. Both of these energies are needed as we come back from the dead and resurrect ourselves. How will we know if we are doing the right thing in the right way? Because this Moon is in Taurus, we will know because we will feel it. We will feel good. We will feel alive.

This is a joyful New Moon. A welcome break from all the heaviness which we have been experiencing. And while we still may have doubts and uncertainty about exactly where we're headed, we know we're going in the right direction.


  1. Beautiful and encouraging. Thank you Theeda!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I really appreciate that!


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