Full Moon in Virgo: At Peace with Yourself

Today's Full Moon in Virgo brings a process of self-discovery to a head. This process began six months ago in September at the last New Moon in Virgo. Over the last few months, you have had experiences which have helped you to clarify the work you should be doing right now. The issues that were clarified during that time have now developed and matured and have come to a culmination. You are clear about who you are and where you fit in. Since the North Node of Fate is wrapping up its time in Virgo, if you have taken advantage of this time, you have the reached the point where you are comfortable with who you are and clear about your karmic work.

The Moon in Virgo is hard working and discriminating. This Full Moon takes the dreams of the Sun in Pisces and makes them manifest by putting them through a process of reality testing. Your intuition is highly attuned and right on-point. In any situation, it is easy for you to feel what is the right thing to do so that everyone's needs are met. You are comfortable in your own skin and have a strong sense of personal integrity. This allows you to care for and serve others in an efficient and effective way. Virgo is about working hard and achieving tangible results. You should have no problem in doing that right now.

This Full Moon is connected to the ongoing Cardinal T-Square involving the opposition between Jupiter and Uranus being squared by Pluto. It is supportive of Pluto which, in Capricorn, is busy transforming the structures of our society and our lives. Structures that have outlived their usefulness are in the process of being destroyed and at the same time, the new structures are being constructed. Beginnings and endings are happening simultaneously in a seamless way. Mercury and the Sun are still conjunct, therefore, we're still able to consciously create our future while tying up the loose ends of our past.

The Cosmic Weather is perfect for healing our personal and communal injuries. We can move into our next phase of development healthy and whole.


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