Jupiter Retrograde: Big Daddy Ponders the Meaning of Life

Jupiter turned retrograde yesterday. Ever since Mercury ended its retrograde period on January 8th, we've been in a rare state of grace. It's a rare time when there are no planets in retrograde. Alas, that time has ended.

Jupiter will be retrograde until June 9th. It started started its retrograde motion at 23 degrees of Libra and will backtrack all the way until 13 degrees of Libra. It will have its biggest impact on anyone who has planets in their natal chart within those degrees, especially in the signs of Libra and Aries.

People are most familiar with Mercury Retrograde periods and tend to lose their minds in anticipation of those times. This has some basis in reality since a Mercury Retro period can FUBAR your entire daily life and routine. But there's no need to fear. A Jupiter Retro period does not work in the same way. Mercury impacts our daily routines directly since it rules communications, technology, and our mundane thinking. That's why when it turns retrograde and your thinking gets fuzzy and your communication unclear, things can grind to a screeching halt.

Jupiter (or, as I call him, "Big Daddy") is very different. Jupiter is the planet who governs growth and expansion in our lives. It brings us good fortune and good times. Jupiter is the party animal who loves life. Everything is bigger, brighter, and more exciting when Jupiter is involved. Jupiter looks at the big picture and doesn't get involved in details. Jupiter in Libra brings that expansive, happy, hopeful, positive point of view and applies it to our relationships. We tend to feel more optimistic about our partnerships and use that energy to start making big plans for our future. It takes Jupiter a couple of years to transit a sign and it will retrograde in that sign at least once while it is there.

Over the next four months, we may tend toward the lower expressions of Jupiter energy. We may become overly and unrealistically optimistic. We may become dogmatic about getting our way because we just know that we are right. We may focus on feeling good and being happy to the exclusion of everything else. Because Jupiter energy is so big and huge (and because it is in Libra, the sign of the Scales, which cannot tolerate imbalance) that will eventually lead to a huge, gigantic, public fall. However, because Jupiter energy always brings a blessing, even a huge humiliation will contain an opportunity for growth and development. The blessing will be there. It will just be harder to access. A lesson will have to be learned first.

Another way that retrograde Jupiter energy may manifest is when you lose enthusiasm and joy for things that once were satisfying. Suddenly, you lose your motivation to put any more energy or effort into something that meant the world to you. You become disillusioned and really just want to throw in the towel and leave it all behind. Naturally, this can be confusing to the people around you. If this happens, take some time to really think about what's important to you. What makes you happy? Who makes you happy? What makes life really worth living?

Big Daddy wants us to take the time to think about what's meaningful in life. He wants us to ask the big questions about ourselves and our relationships. Slow down and enjoy the ride.


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