Women's March: A Week Later

Almost a week after the march. I have returned to my work, my paying job, with renewed determination. There's a lot of anxiety floating around these days. The people I work with daily exist on the razor's edge of life and death and are particularly fragile. Since my job, and the services I provide, are grant funded, the future is completely uncertain. So in one very important respect, I don't have to change my daily life very much in order to make the resistance I marched about last week real.

But since the Fascist-in-Chief is not wasting any time in making his worst promises real, I know I have to do more. I plan to continue protesting and supporting the efforts of those who are involved in direct action. However, in my mind, that's not where the real work is. I have been talking to my favorite partners in crime all week, looking for opportunities to join with others who are and will be intervening and advocating on behalf of those who are directly in the line of fire. If I fancy myself a healer (and I do), now is the time to step up.

Every day it's a constant effort for me to not fret about my fragile finances. Thankfully, I have only myself to fend for. Maybe it is a blessing that I don't have children.

I continue to find hope as I look around and see people seriously organizing and joining together in community.

As soon as I figure out how to post the chart I drew up for the march, I'll post my analysis of the astrology. I believe that an important movement was started last week. When I get my thoughts together and work out the logistics, I think there's a lot there to support that conclusion and give some indication of how it will play out.


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