Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius

Yesterday, I had a meltdown. I was totally surprised by it. Partly because in the morning I had drawn the Temperence card upright, not reversed. I've been thinking about it & I think I needed to another reminder that all is not right.

On the surface, my life can seem settled & peaceful. And sometimes I buy into that. I need the reminders that I need to keep trying to move & I can't fool myself into thinking that I can stay here. Even though it seems like I'm spitting in the wind.

Last night, I dreamed (among other things) that I was walking in water that was full of living things, some benign & some not so much. From a distance, the water looked safe enough to walk in barefoot but as soon as I put my foot in, some eel-looking thing with needle like teeth almost bit my foot. I avoided it but I was then on notice.

So, I'm on notice. I have to keep trying.

P.S. The astrological weather seems to be perfect for bringing up things one would rather not deal with. I would rather just coast now instead of continue to strive for something that seems further & further out of reach but that's just not gonna happen right now.


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