New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

I woke up this morning, listened to some Billie Holliday & am feeling pretty good. But with a new moon in Cancer, it's a good time to take it easy & take care of myself. Also, this new moon may signify some significant changes & I know I need that.


Clocking in at six minutes and 39 seconds, the total solar eclipse taking place on July 21 (visible throughout Asia) is the longest -- and most powerful -- of the 21st century. It's the second New Moon in Cancer, intensifying last month's themes related to home, family, self-nurturing and birthing new things. Falling at the final degree of the sign, it brings a "last gasp" effort or release of an old attachment. This solar eclipse occurs within 12 hours of the Jupiter-Chiron conjunction, which may trigger a wound to be healed. Take good care of yourself now, and prepare for your life to take a sudden turn. - From My Daily Twittascope


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