Full Moon in Scorpio Lunar Eclipse: Turbulent Transformation

 The Scorpio Full Moon falls during the time of year when Winter is receding, and Spring is firmly taking root. We revel in the longer, warmer days and can't wait to be outside after months of confinement. 

But Winter doesn't go that easily. Even though Winter knows he eventually has to release his icy grip, he refuses to give up. He holds on for as long as he can. Spring has to force him to move. Their battles are turbulent and can be extremely destructive. 

This is the nature of this bloody eclipse season. Our old, oppressive habits and ways of being are fighting desperately to hold on. We thought locking them away and throwing away the key would take care of them. But somehow, they started a fire in that deserted room and it's about to burn the entire house down.

The transformation is coming. That's inevitable. The only question is how it happens. Will we continue to act as if nothing is wrong? Will we allow the upholders of everything that is unjust and wrong to destroy the new world we've fought so hard to create? They know they're finished and we can't go back to what was. But they can blow everything up and they would be happy to do it. If they can't be in control, then everybody dies and they're fine with that.

We don't have to let that happen. We aren't helpless here. We have each other and we have our vision of what our world could be. The momentum of this transformation is toward life and beauty and wholeness. We have to believe in ourselves and our vision.

And we have to fight for it.


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