Full Moon in Virgo: Prepare for the Future

"We should build a storehouse for money in advance;

We should make a verandah for riches in advance;

We should buy new clothes for next year's child in advance." - Holy Odu Obara

The days are getting longer. Daffodils and narcissus are blooming. It's getting warmer. Spring is definitely here. 

Last New Moon, we began to feel some hope. Now it's getting stronger and coalescing into action. The Virgo Full Moon is seeing the little things here and there that need tending to. We don't have a sense of the big picture, not yet, but we can do some of the small, mundane things that help us feel better and more in control.

In spite of ourselves, this Full Moon makes us want to dream about what could be. No matter how silly, how improbable. We can't help but think about how we really want things to be. We want to get lost in dreams.

It's good to let our dreams guide us now. While we are clearing out garden beds and spreading compost and planting seeds. One day, our seeds will sprout. One day we will see and receive all of the benefits of our labor. One day we will know it was all worth it.


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