New Moon in Scorpio: Turn Your Pain into Power


The tarot card of the moment is the 3 of Swords. We've been triggered in a lot of ways over the past few weeks. People have disappointed us. We have disappointed ourselves. However, beginning with the last Full Moon, we are beginning to see how all of that pain, all of that loss can be used to build us up. But now is the time to take a more thoughtful approach. We're ready to learn our lessons, draw conclusions and move on.

I am reminded of the lessons of the Holy Odu Odi in which we are warned of situations which will feel in the moment like humiliating losses. The wisdom of Odi advises us to step back and take a moment before responding. To be thoughtful and measured in response. In doing so, we open ourselves up to seeing and understanding the situation more compassionately and comprehensively. It becomes an opportunity to learn and make relationships stronger.

As we continue to face the darkness in ourselves and others, the wisdom of this New Moon is to feel the pain and acknowledge it. To refrain from striking out in hurt. To give ourselves and others some grace. This will allow these old hurts to really heal and deprive them of their power to hold us back.


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